Why it works

Netpresenter’s Enterprise Communication Toolbox consists of effective communication tools to keep your audience focused on what’s really important. Eliminate distractions, gently inform your audience and alert them when necessary.


Gently inform when you can.
Gentle repetition. Massive reach. Crucial for your business success. Constant repetition of your messages makes sure that they will not only be seen, but also remembered!

Achieve better results by managing the attention of your employees. Use our Enterprise Communication Toolbox to capture, maintain and manage your audience’s attention – keep them focused on what’s really important.


Alert when you must.
Being able to instantly alert and notify your employees can make all the difference in case of a critical emergency situation.

Use our all-in-one solution to protect everyone before, during and after an unexpected event. Make sure your staff heads to the nearest emergency exit right away by creating a message that simply cannot be ignored!

Eliminate distractions

Don’t let distractions keep people away from your core message.
The alternative for costly, time-consuming memos and e-mail-to-all.

Use our effective communication tools to provide employees with the latest company news and information, without distracting them. Create relevant content, reduce corporate e-mail SPAM and let your staff be more productive.

Curious how we can you help you get the most out of your employees’ attention span?

Get in touch with one of our Enterprise Communication experts for a free demo or quote and find out what we can do for your organization