Corporate Wallpaper

Desktop wallpapers have never been more powerful. Use Netpresenter’s Corporate Wallpaper to bring desktop backgrounds to life. The Corporate Wallpaper is a powerful tool to bring your message to the attention of employees, without any help from IT. Target locations or departments with relevant information and make sure everyone sees the most important messages multiple times during the day.

Maximum Reach

Easily maximize the reach of your corporate communication and bring content to everyone's attention


Target your content to specific users and groups – e.g. departments, locations or offices worldwide

Non-Intrusive Messaging

Don't distract your workforce. Use corporate wallpapers to keep employees in the loop during the day


Change the wallpapers on every corporate PC without the help of your IT department

Unified Branding

Empower your brand and create a uniform corporate identity

Additional Features
  • Easy to deploy and easy to use
  • No IT-staff required to dynamically change wallpapers on every PC
  • Maximum exposure of your internal news
  • No information overload, but inspiring messages that won’t interrupt employees’ daily work
  • Target office locations or specific departments
  • Send out news without cluttering your staff’s e-mailboxes
  • Gentle repetition ensures that employees notice vital news
  • Display important information, prevention tips or compliance rules
Technical Details
  • Thin Client and Windows OS support (view tech specs)
  • Silent remote updates and a guaranteed uninterrupted playback
  • Designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure
  • Low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache
  • Use of multiple groups and possibility to personalize content
  • Software works on existing network and easy to install
  • Personalize content via LDAP, Active Directory or IP
  • Software uses existing file, FTP or web server
  • Security: encryption (HTTPS) and anti-sabotage (hash key)
  • Long-distance management and configuration possible

  Compatible with Windows OS and thin client

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