Training & Videos

Netpresenter software is user-friendly. To get the most out of our solution, training is recommended. Netpresenter provides end-user and technical training as well as consulting services. Training sessions are tuned to the audience, but basic knowledge of Windows is recommended.

Online training

Fast and low cost. Lasts typically between 30 minutes and 2 hours and only requires a (conference) telephone and PC with internet connection.

Onsite training

Lasts either 4 or 8 hours (1 day), depending on your requirements. Of course, users receive a certificate at the end of a training session.

Book your training

To book an online training, on-site training or if you have any other technical related questions, e-mail IT support or call (212) 710-5908. For Europe call +31 464370836.

Product highlights

Netpresenter at UTMC

Video length: 1:51 minutes

Watch a news report on how Netpresenter helps the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) alert its 7000 staff members.

How to increase your SharePoint visits

Video length: 1:11 minutes

Netpresenter’s SharePoint Connector gives you a hand by actively bringing SharePoint content to employees’ attention using any available screen and device inside and outside your organization.

Desktop Alerting

Video length: 0:56 minutes

Desktop Alerting can be extremely effective when you need to reach your employees right away. And I don’t mean within 5 minutes or whenever they feel like checking their inboxes. In case of a last minute meeting cancellation or even a hurricane alert, Desktop alerts are there to save the day!

Training videos

Message Server – Quick overview

Video length: 0:44 minutes

A short tutorial video on how you can easily publish your content to PC, TV and Mobile Devices.

Alert Server – Quick overview

Video length: 0:52 minutes

In this video we show you how you can alert & notify every single person in your organization with one push of a button. Even directly from your mobile device.

Message Server – Manage content

Video length: 12:42 minutes

This in-depth instuction video shows you how to manage your content in the Netpresenter Message Server.

Message Server – Import templates

Video length: 01:14 minutes

In this video we will show you how to import your custom templates to further personalize the look of your messages and channels.