Text & Notifications

Nowadays, employees, customers and citizens are constantly checking their mobile devices while on the move. Immediately grab everyone’s attention by sending text and push notifications to every mobile phone or tablet. Share need-to-know information with targeted groups or even an entire country and make sure your audience receives the right information at the right time, wherever they are!

Mobile Friendly

Text messaging is compatible with pretty much every phone so don’t worry about alienating users

Unlimited Groups & Recipients

Broadcast Critical Messages to hundreds, thousands or even millions of targeted individuals instantly

Reliable Communication

Text and push notifications are a fast, secure and established way to communicate vital information

Two-way Conversations

Receive on-the scene reports and provide everyone with real-time updates and relevant information

Increase User Retention

Instantly increase app user retention rates. Stimulate users to return to the app and read your content

Additional Features
  • Self-subscribe: the administrator decides which categories can be switched on or off by the recipients
  • Make your business mobile friendly by providing every employee with the latest news, even when they are on the go
  • Stay in touch when your colleagues are on the move and share relevant client information or product updates
  • Improve your situational intelligence in case of an emergency and enable employees, customers and citizens to respond in real-time
  • Increase engagement by asking your audience to like and comment on your messages and receive instant feedback on what works best
  • Push notifications are cost-effective: send an unlimited amount of messages for free to every device
  • Use your custom sender ID: choose the sender of your text messages and be transparent about who is communicating
  • Increase corporate communication by sending reliable messages to your audience in a branded and trusted environment
  • Reach your audience anywhere, anytime with targeted, relevant messages to drive action
  • Send urgent updates about meetings, events, safety rules and text notifications when information is time sensitive and critical
Technical Details
  • Thin Client and Windows OS support (view tech specs)
  • Silent remote updates with auto resume to guarantee uninterrupted playback
  • Supports system settings for energy saving
  • Designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure
  • Smooth playback with dozens of transitions/wipes
  • Presentation scaled to fit screen resolution automatically
  • Landscape and portrait orientated view supported
  • Video in all major formats, such as WMV, AVI & MPG, YouTube and Flash supported
  • Target content via LDAP, Active Directory or IP
  • Software works on existing network and easy to install (e.g. as MSI package)
  • Security: encryption (HTTPS) and anti-sabotage (hash key)
  • Long-distance management and configuration possible
  • Software uses existing file, FTP or web server
  • Low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache
  • Auto (re-)start functionality
  • Schedule playback based on time, day-of-week, month and year or time-intervals

  Compatible with Windows OS and thin client

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