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Corporate App: This is what awesome looks like

Posted on: 04 June in Corporate App

Mobile Apps have become part of corporate life. However it's challenging to build and continuously update an App, especially for non-technology companies that have never done it before. Netpresenter takes the work out of your hands and provides you with a fully customized corporate App to not only effectively inform your staff,...

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SharePoint on steroids

Posted on: 10 April in SharePoint & Intranet Integration

How Netpresenter gives your SharePoint a boost A few days ago we were approached by the CEO of a major insurance company asking whether we knew a way to get the most out of his SharePoint. So I thought I might as well share this information with everyone.  First of...

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The Lack of Employee Engagement

Posted on: 16 March in Employee Engagement

How to make your employees give a damn Staff Sgts. Fred Hilliker and Robert O’Hair were boarding Delta Flight 1625 in Baltimore for the final leg of their journey home from Afghanistan together with 32 U.S soldiers, when their homecoming came to an abrupt halt. Delta...

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