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How to say goodbye to email stress

Posted on: 12 January in Corporate App

Email makes many of us feel stressed. It has even become such a significant source of stress, that in France, they enforced a new law banning employers from sending emails to staff outside of working hours. With Netpresenter you don’t need to go to extremes...

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Corporate App: No more post-holiday stress

Posted on: 15 September in Corporate App

It probably sounds all too familiar; you completely de-stress during your three week vacation, but once you set foot in the office your stress level soars again. An overflowing inbox, new projects you know nothing about and planned ones that are happening sooner than you...

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Why you should invest in Employee Engagement

Posted on: 01 July in Employee Engagement

Investing in employee engagement is no luxury nowadays. According to a recent study by the Workplace Research Foundation, increasing employee engagement investments by just 10% can raise profits by $2,400 per employee, per year! Often, employee engagement starts with recognition of efforts. In large organizations, however,...

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