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Desktop Alerting just got better!

Posted on: 24 December in Alerting

We already know desktop alerts are a great tool to relay important messages quickly and effectively - but there's always room for improvement. In Netpresenter's 12.4 version, we’ve truly added all the bells and whistles to our desktop alerting solution. Here’s an overview of all new functionalities: Standard scenarios Certain...

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Mobile Alerting: An Alarm Button at your Fingertips

Posted on: 24 September in Alerting

In emergency situations we do not act like ourselves. We panic. We make stupid mistakes. Unfortunately these mistakes can cost people’s lives. Research shows that when we are under a huge amount of stress, our brain shuts down, making it hard for us to even perform the...

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Corporate App: This is what awesome looks like

Posted on: 04 June in Corporate App

Mobile Apps have become part of corporate life. However it's challenging to build and continuously update an App, especially for non-technology companies that have never done it before. Netpresenter takes the work out of your hands and provides you with a fully customized corporate App to not only effectively inform your staff,...

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