Corporate Performance is the heartbeat of any organization. By assessing and communicating how well an organization executes its most important parameters, employees can make better decisions to improve corporate performance even more.

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Corporate Performance nowadays encompasses more than just financial reports. An organization’s health exists from a wide array of factors, including social responsibility, reputation, and employee morale. How should organizations keep their employees informed about so many different metrics?

Don’t keep your
performance a secret

Too little internal communication about corporate performance has a multitude of negative effects, limiting employee productivity.


Measurement mistaken for management

Employers think of performance management as a measurement exercise, while it should be about feedback.

tech as a solution

Tech viewed as the solution

Tech like a CPM will help keep track of corporate performance – but it won’t do the job for you.


No transparency when evaluating

Without transparency, evaluating performance can fuel insecurity or even mistrust.

Unclear goals

Unclear goals

Unclear goals make it difficult for employees to optimize their contribution to the organization’s performance.

Make evaluating
a continuous process

Instead of relying on annual reports and performance evaluations, make it a continuous process. Report and evaluate throughout the year, so everybody knows how the organization performs and can act accordingly.

Create transparency
for everyone

Make employees aware of what really matters. By continuously showing what drives the organization and what factors are used to evaluate individuals, you create transparency and trust.

How to transform ‘Big Data’ into ‘Big Wisdom’

Anyone can deploy Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio and add data to it. To make this data valuable, you must first interpret, filter, and qualify the data with care. You need to transform the data into information.

Celebrate success and
inspire your staff

Give exposure to accomplishments, both large and small. By celebrating individual success, you will inspire employees to optimize their contribution to the collective goals and corporate performance.

Customer Story

Brooklyn Hospital Center uses victories to inspire

When a team at Brooklyn Hospital Center does something noteworthy, everyone on staff will know about their achievement. This makes the team feel appreciated. This way of celebrating good performance has an immediate ‘Boom, make them feel good’ effect.