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Why you should invest in Employee Engagement

Geplaatst op: 01 juli in Employee Engagement

Investing in employee engagement is no luxury nowadays. According to a recent study by the Workplace Research Foundation, increasing employee engagement investments by just 10% can raise profits by $2,400 per employee, per year! Often, employee engagement starts with recognition of efforts. In large organizations, however,...

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How the Proper Communication Tools can Save your Hospital Money

Geplaatst op: 09 februari in Gezondheidszorg

In bustling healthcare facilities, communicating quickly and effectively is key. However, because many hospitals still stick to outdated communication technology such as pagers, clinicians waste about 45 minutes every day, trying to get vital information across to their peers. A costly ordeal! According to a recent survey among more than...

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3 Great Alternatives to Pointless Meetings

Geplaatst op: 18 december in Interne Communicatie

Nobody likes meetings. Well, not “nobody” – you know that older guy with the glasses that attends every meeting? He likes meetings, because he gets a free donut and a nap. But other than him, most people find meetings way too unproductive and time-consuming. Somebody even...

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HIPAA: How to Keep Patient Information Secure

Geplaatst op: 14 december in Gezondheidszorg

HIPAA compliance can be a real challenge. When healthcare workers do not follow the rules, healthcare facilities can be slapped with some serious fines. Especially privacy issues are tough to tackle. According to 2002's “Privacy Rule”, hospitals are responsible for keeping patient information secure. This...

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VDI: How to give your healthcare staff more flexibility

Geplaatst op: 27 november in Gezondheidszorg

Recently, there has been a growing number of organizations switching to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The greatest benefit of this so called "VDI" is flexibility. With the use of VDI, the user can just load their virtual desktop from ANY enabled terminal. This means that no matter where the user is,...

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