VCU Health uses Netpresenter to keep employees and visitors up-to-date during East Coast snowstorm

VCU Health, located in Richmond, Virginia, uses Netpresenter software to inform, instruct and alert its 8,000+ employees at 25 different sites across the city, using interactive screensavers on all 7,000 PCs. This proved to be especially helpful during the latest blizzard Jonas, which has already been described as one of the biggest East Coast snowstorms in US history.

“We kind of got distracted by a ‘small weather event’ on the East Coast last week. We worked remotely the first three days using Netpresenter to keep our employees and guests up to date on the storm, transportation, parking and other storm related needs.  It was a good thing.  Now we are back to operations as normal”, says Carol Wilson, Client System Services Specialist at VCU.


Safety First

With over 550,000 outpatient clinic visits and more than 84,000 emergency department visits a year, safety is paramount. VCU uses Netpresenter to alert staff in emergency situations. “With Netpresenter on every available screen, we can provide our employees with immediate updates in cases of extreme weather, traffic problems, internet outages or last-minute construction works; these are all real issues in a medical environment where any unplanned delay might just make the difference. With Netpresenter, we are sure that these urgent messages are actually read,” according to Jenifer Murphy, Safety First Coordinator at the Performance Improvement Department at VCU.

Want to know more about VCU Health’s unique approach to keep everyone informed on the latest news and alert them quickly and effectively in case of emergency? Read their story here.

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