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Olympic Games Paris 2024 Templates

The 30th edition of the Summer Olympics will kick off July 26 in Paris.

To get in the mood, we have developed a number of Olympic Games Templates for Netpresenter that allow you to transform the TV and computer screens within your organization into an Olympic setting. The templates also include an RSS feed with headlines about the Olympic Games. This keeps your colleagues up to date with the latest Olympic news! The templates are delivered in .zip format.

To import these templates to the Content Hub, a content hub administrator must log in and navigate to Settings > Slides > Templates. Click on “import. Drag and drop the zip files here or select them via the ‘select files’ button. Click import again and wait for it to complete.

Watch this tutorial video to easily import the templates yourself to your Netpresenter Message Server environment or contact our help desk, our support staff will be happy to help!

Download the free templates below

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