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Netpresenter Reseller: “I can make a good living while helping organizations overcome their communication challenges”

Back in 1995, Steve Osborn bumped into CEO Frank Hoen at a Netpresenter reseller event in Las Vegas. Fast forward 2018, the twosome has landed numerous large organizations worldwide with an approach that breaks with traditional employee communication.

“I’ve worked with Netpresenter for many, many years. I’ve known Frank for well over two decades”, says Osborn. “When I met him at the Netpresenter reseller event, he told me this story. People were complaining that they were getting far too much email. They couldn’t read all the emails because they would never got any work done. And they were worried that they might miss things. Literally five minutes later, Frank got his laptop out and showed me Netpresenter. I immediately got the concept.”

Information just sticks

Osborn: “The power of Netpresenter lies in the fact that employees don’t need to be taken away from their work to receive important information. They can just process news when they do have a second to spare: scrolling through the app during their coffee breaks, glancing at a TV or PC screen on their way to a meeting. While an email is very intrusive, Netpresenter is the complete opposite. By repeatedly being confronted with the same information via every possible screen, it just sticks.”

I truly believe in the product

“To be honest with you, compared to practically every company I know, the guys and girls at Netpresenter are absolutely super. I’m very lucky to work with this bunch of nice people. I’ve sold all sorts of software products. The reason I decided to stick with Netpresenter is because I truly believe in the product”, Osborn explains. “And I’m not alone. The majority of my clients are US hospitals with thousands of employees. When you see that these mammoth organizations rely on Netpresenter to communicate with all these people, you must be doing something right.”

A win-win situation

“For me this is the ultimate win-win situation. I make a good living, while helping organizations overcome their communication challenges. I can focus on my family life and other activities, because I don’t have to be behind my desk all day. The past 20 years have been very satisfying for me”, Osborn concludes.

Lavinia van der Loo

Lavinia is Netpresenter's Customer Relation Manager. She is a healthcare specialist heart and soul - the healthcare industry has no secrets for her. Luckily, she's happy to share her knowledge with everyone. To stay healthy herself, she enjoys working out in her spare time.