Talk2Us: “Our perfect synergy can really make a difference for organizations”

In 2018, South African communication and engagement specialists Talk2Us stumbled upon Netpresenter during its search for a new and exciting communication tool to introduce to the African market. Turns out both organizations couldn’t have been a more perfect match.

“I believe the synergy between the two organizations is perfect. On the one hand you have a technology based organization which decided to create software for communication purposes versus a communications company which understands the challenges that the organizations face and decides to involve software to suit that. Combined we can really make a difference for organizations”, says Linda Hamman, Talk2Us Founder and CEO.

Reach all staff using mobile

Netpresenter’s mobile capability is a major plus in the African market. Hamman: “We have a lot of rural areas in Africa, where connectivity and internet structure is not as robust as in the urban centers, which is why organizations across the continent use tablets and smartphones for a lot of their day-to-day activities. If you look at Nestle, for example, they have sales agents that are on the road every day all day, they don’t have desks, they don’t sit in front of PCs, they use their phones for everything.  Netpresenter is really brilliant for these organizations.”

“The Netpresenter app is almost like a butler service where information is being presented to them that they need to consume at a given point in time”, adds Charles Nightingale, Director at Talk2Us. “People don’t want to spend their time researching a topic or trying to find information. They want information to be presented to them. People are used to keeping tabs on their newsfeed streams on their social media platforms, where information is presented to them.  So organizations are competing against that activity continuously and they need to adopt tools that allow them to present their content and to compete for their employees’ attention. We see Netpresenter to be a key factor in achieving this.”

Easily boost engagement

Additional to reaching all staff, Netpresenter can also help boost organizations’ employee engagement. Hamman: “According to survey results, only 7 percent of people are fully engaged in the workplace in South Africa. I think part of it is that they can’t relate to the information that is presented to them. Software can bring the information to their attention, but of course the communicator is responsible for making sure information is relevant to them. Netpresenter enables this  capability by allowing segmentation of  multiple categories whereby you can target certain audiences with certain information. This is crucial, because many organizations today just give everybody everything and they hope that somebody will find what is relevant to them!  Dissemination that lands information in a manner which  has impact requires a lot more than a one size fits all approach.

Hit the ground running

Nightingale: “The Netpresenter platform enables organizations to use one tool to reach all their workers, whether desk or non-desk employees. It is extremely intuitive and user friendly. There is no huge amount of training time necessary to get the employees who are using the tool to understand how to use it. You can basically hit the road running. I believe every responsible, hard-working organization needs to have something like Netpresenter for its staff to build on what every organization strives for –  efficacy”

Lavinia van der Loo

Lavinia is Netpresenter's Customer Relation Manager. She is a healthcare specialist heart and soul - the healthcare industry has no secrets for her. Luckily, she's happy to share her knowledge with everyone. To stay healthy herself, she enjoys working out in her spare time.