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Meet Julie

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“No day at AMBER Alert Europe is the same, and that’s what makes work exciting for me!”

Hi, I’m Julie Bellinkx, I studied journalism. After living in the US for a few years, I moved to Belgium. I started working as a copywriter at Netpresenter in 2015. When I entered the company, I immediately noticed that there is a friendly atmosphere. What also appealed to me is that Netpresenter is the company behind Amber Alert Europe, which I already knew from my time in the US. This combination convinced me to come and work here.

I have been working here for several years now and still enjoy going to work. No day is ever the same, and that makes work exciting for me! I also have a close relationship with my colleagues, and there is a pleasant and informal working atmosphere. Working with us means starting your day with a good cup of coffee and a smile!

Joey Pernot

Joey is Netpresenter’s Content Manager. His passion is to inspire and educate through engaging and creative content. Joey loves to spend time with friends and travel the world.