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Why goldfish have a better attention span than you

How long will this article hold your attention for? Not long, according to a study by Microsoft. The average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. Especially in the workplace that lack of attention has been proven deadly. The constant flow of information has made employees distracted, triggering a huge drop in productivity. With Netpresenter you make sure these distractions don’t keep people away from your core message. Read on and find out how – that is, If you can manage to pay attention for more than 8 seconds…

Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon knew what he was talking about when he said that a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention back in 1978. With the rise of technology such as e-mail, smartphones and social media, employees get hit with so much information, that they cannot focus on one thing in particular anymore. But why should this concern you, right? Well, because it will cost you.

Gently inform when you can

Now what if you could reach your staff without them losing their focus? According to Microsoft, 49 percent of people are more likely to pay attention to communications when they’re delivered at the right time. Netpresenter provides you with the tools to do just that. Cut through information overload and capture your employees’ wandering eyes by gently informing them when they do have a second to pay attention: during their coffee breaks, on their way to a meeting or even behind their desks. During these moments, a corporate screensaver on every PC, messages on digital signage screens and news headlines on your very own corporate app provide your employees with the latest company news and helpful information, without distracting them. Constant repetition of your messages makes sure that they will not only be seen, but also remembered.


Alert when you must

However you don’t need to go cold turkey and cut off all distractions – some are even necessary. Being able to instantly alert and notify your employees can make all the difference in case of an emergency. Netpresenter makes sure your staff heads to the nearest emergency exit right away, by creating a message that simply cannot be ignored or misunderstood. Besides the blaring of an alarm, your employees will receive clear information about what’s happening and instructions about what to do. With one simple push of a button, striking alert messages will appear on every screen and device within your organization. Desktop alerts at work stations, text and push notifications on mobile devices, red flashing alerts on digital signage screens and warnings via your corporate app draw your staff’s attention immediately and effectively.

How does it work

So how do you make Netpresenter an indispensable extension of your organization’s communication and alert system? Simple, we do the work for you. Company news, information from external sources, SharePoint headlines and alerts are automatically extracted from existing content and displayed on every screen inside your organization– saving you time, money and effort. Still want to add a message manually? Easy publishing makes sure your messages are up and running in seconds or scheduled for a later time.

Curious how we can you help you get the most out of your employees’ attention span? Contact our experts right away.

Netpresenter’s Attention Management Platform is an integrated solution containing enterprise-strength communication tools such as the News & Alert AppCorporate ScreensaverSharePoint ConnectorText & Push NotificationsDigital Signage and Desktop Alerts.

Luc Bormans

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