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How to say goodbye to email stress

Email makes many of us feel stressed. It has even become such a significant source of stress, that in France, they enforced a new law banning employers from sending emails to staff outside of working hours. With Netpresenter you don’t need to go to extremes to reduce email stress. Here’s how you can let your employees disconnect outside of work, while still keeping them in the loop.

Email is a double-edged sword. It provides a useful means of communication, but also makes us feel overwhelmed. Each email represents another demand on your time and another decision you have to make. Especially outside of working hours, when we are supposed to be on downtime, the never ending stream of emails can seem too much to deal with.

By emailing employees outside of office hours, you’re communicating an expectation that they should work during their time off — even if you believe they “should know” that you don’t expect a reply until they are back in the office”, says Personal Productivity Secrets author Maura Thomas.

But then how do you still communicate valuable information without giving employees the feeling that they need to respond?

Stress-free communication

If you are looking for a way to keep staff members up-to-date without putting pressure on them to respond or take action, a corporate app is the perfect fit. Employees can catch up whenever they choose to. Just a quick browse through the corporate app before dinner or during the commercial break, is all it takes for them to stay in the loop while still enjoying that much needed free time.


Quickly relay important messages

If something urgent should pop up, you can even send a push notification to every mobile phone – quickly relaying that important message. Add an acknowledgement button to your messages to find out who exactly has read your message.

Email stress

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