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3 Great Alternatives to Pointless Meetings

Nobody likes meetings. Well, not “nobody” – you know that older guy with the glasses that attends every meeting? He likes meetings, because he gets a free donut and a nap. But other than him, most people find meetings way too unproductive and time-consuming. Somebody even dislikes meetings so much, they went out of their way to make a calculator that figures out how much money is actually wasted on them! 

All jokes aside, a badly managed meeting will take employees away from what they are being paid to do: their job. Worst of all, most of the time, people walk out of meetings with more to do than accomplished. The logic is simple: What is the point in taking your employees away from their work so that they can talk about what they are doing? – Then again, how else would you effectively communicate important information to your staff?

To meet or not to meet? That’s the question

Sometimes meetings are inevitable and, when well structured, beneficial. But for those meetings without a proper agenda or purpose, there are better alternatives to get the message across.

1. Strategically placed Digital Signage Screens

According to Microsoft, 49 percent of people are more likely to pay attention to messages when they’re delivered at the right time. Capture your employees’ attention by gently informing them when they do have a second: during their coffee breaks, on their way to a meeting or even the bathroom. Digital signage screens, placed in strategic places, will show all the latest and greatest on repeat, enabling your staff to pick up on news and be continuously reminded of it.


2. Useful Screensavers

There are probably hundreds or even thousands of computers in your organization that are not being used the majority of the time. These PCs are powered up, but work has taken your staff’s hands off the keyboard. Put these idle computers to work by displaying important messages, useful content on their screensavers. This way you do not only reach staff members where they spend the majority of their time – behind their desks – your messages are also delivered without intruding or annoying.


3. Your very own Corporate App

A corporate app makes sure your entire organization is on the same page by showing corporate news on the devices your employees use most: their mobile phones. One more perk: even staff members outside company walls get to stay in the loop.


Has your office foregone the stressful weekly or monthly ritual that is the office meeting? If not, contact one of our experts now, so you too can spend your and your employees’ time more productively.

Luc Bormans

Luc Bormans, Netpresenter's head of Marketing, is an expert in the field of Marketing Communications. In his spare time Luc likes to cruise around in his Mini Cooper.