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Skip the awkwardness: How to properly introduce new colleagues

We’ve all been there, that awkward first day at the office. Skipping that awkwardness, however, is beneficial for both newcomers as employers. The faster new colleagues feel comfortable and integrated, the faster they will help their team to achieve success. Save new employees from a shy nod, a quick smile, and a blank look at their shoes by properly introducing them to the team from the get-go.

Introducing new hires is the first step in a smoother transition into a new workplace. Especially in large corporations where newcomers can wander through the hallways for weeks without anybody knowing who they actually are. But how can you give starters the introduction they deserve?

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Shooting a quick introduction email is an option, but often gets overlooked. What about introducing newcomers on every idle computer? Perhaps an eye-catching message on all TV screens? Or maybe even a featured mention on your corporate app? Displaying a short bio accompanied by a (flattering!) picture on every screen within the building is a much quicker and more noticeable way to introduce new colleagues. In a short amount of time, newcomers can get acquainted with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of employees, without them having to personally introduce themselves over and over again.


Not only do digital introductions make sure team members get acquainted with their new colleagues ASAP, it also makes hires feel welcomed and accepted.


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Linda van Oppen

Linda is Netpresenter's Head of Operations. Her mission is to bring out the best in every organization by making new employees feel at home and trained. According to Linda, you are doing well when employee satisfaction and performance have increased.