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Employee Engagement: How you can benefit from Digital Praise

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Recognition is one of the top human motivators. People like praise. They want to know they’re doing a good job and are valued (assuming they are doing a good job, of course). But if they are doing well, simple words of encouragement are easy, inexpensive and can be hugely motivational. Especially if these pats on the back are shared among peers. In large organizations, however, it’s often hard to let everyone know what a great job someone is doing. So how do you make sure everyone is aware of each other’s success? 

Praise is an important expression of value that doesn’t bust your budget. As an employer, there are many benefits associated with praising employees for a job well done. Recipients feel far more appreciated, motivated, confident and result-driven. Especially when recognition is shared internally, it can be highly beneficial. Not only do recipients receive extra congratulations from colleagues who see the posts, stories of positive behavior can also serve as a model for other staff members.

Benefit from Digital Praise

In companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees, it’s not an easy task to let everyone know of people’s achievements. Digital tools, however, can aid in spreading praise.

Digital signage, for example, is an ideal tool to say ‘kudos’. Highly-visible messages on large screens throughout the company make sure staff members see each other’s achievements and get inspired to step it up a notch themselves.


Even when employees are behind their desks, they can get motivated. With the help of a corporate screensaver, you can reach everyone at their workstations with motivational news. On top of that, screensaver messages can contain clickable links so staff members can find out more about the achievements of their peers.


But why stop at reaching people inside corporate walls? With the aid of a corporate app, employees don’t even need to be present to receive praising messages. An app is the perfect tool to keep employees in the loop about accomplishments anytime, anywhere.


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