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How corporate transparency can make your employee engagement skyrocket

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Howard Schultz, risen to the top as CEO of Starbucks, is worth $1.5 billion, making him the 354th richest man in America. However, his success lies in one very simple thing: transparency. By giving all his workers (nearly) all corporate information, the employee engagement at the world’s most famous coffee company has gone through the roof. Want to experience the power of transparency yourself? Netpresenter helps you boost your employee engagement by providing you with the tools to effectively spread messages about anything and everything amongst your staff.

According to a Tiny Pulse study, the number one factor contributing to employee engagement is transparency. But what does corporate transparency mean exactly? It means supplying your entire staff with almost all internal information, good and bad. It means making efforts to explain each decision and each initiative to every employee within your organization, regardless of their role.

Sound like a lot of work? It really isn’t. With Netpresenter, valuable information like internal news and KPIs, are made public via every desktop and digital signage screen inside your organization. Even staff members on the road can be kept in the loop through a mobile app. Messages are automatically extracted from pre-existing sources, creating more openness within your company, without you having to lift a finger.


Importance of transparency

But why should you implement a transparent corporate policy? According to HRZone there are two major reasons: to make your staff’s job meaningful and to receive valuable feedback from your employees.

Let’s start with reason one. In the book Drive, Daniel Pink wrote that the staff members who are most engaged and motivated are employees who find their work meaningful. By fully understanding the company and its actions, workers have a better understanding of the meaning behind their work and how their role fits into a company’s overall success – resulting in a staff that cares more and is ultimately going to be more productive.

Secondly, it gets away from the idea that management knows it all. A truly transparent organization allows ideas to filter up, instead of only down, by workers who might know something management doesn’t. One great example of an idea filtering up is that of a cleaning supply company in the ‘60s, which designed a new dustpan. As the dustpan went onto market, one of the janitors at the company noticed it was too thick and it was hard to sweep dirt into. One, day while the CEO was leaving work, he shared his findings. The CEO listened and made the dustpan thinner, highly increasing its sale.

Netpresenter gives your employees the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions through an interactive comment feature in the screensaver and mobile app.

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