Crisis Communication

How to quickly (and effectively) communicate with your workforce

We’ve all been there: a last minute meeting cancellation, an important CEO announcement,… In large organizations, where hundreds or even thousands of employees need to be reached at the same time, relaying messages quickly and effectively can be a real headache in your workforce communication. Emails are often ignored, written notes just end up in the trash can. So, what’s your best bet to communicate with your workforce?

When you are in a time crunch, it’s important to have a quick and reliable workforce communication tool. In my opinion, desktop alerts are that tool. They’re great for rapidly sharing important messages with a large number of people, without interrupting their workflow. With literally just one push of a button, eye-catching pop-ups appear directly on every employees’ computer screen, overlapping any other application.

Even if you just need to reach certain people, you can. Desktop alerts have the option to be targeted to both individuals and groups.

Workforce Communication Desktop alerts

To read or not to read? That’s the question

So, your message has taken over your employees’ computer screen – great! But how do you know they didn’t just hit ‘X’ or ‘esc’ when your message popped up? Handy acknowledgement buttons in your pop ups, give you an exact idea of who has and (more importantly) who hasn’t read your message. When one of your staff members clicks on these buttons, he or she will automatically be added to a response list. This gives you a clear indication of your message’s reach .


Are you just as big of a fan of desktop alerts as I am? Talk to one of our consultants now and find out how we can solve all your communication headaches to communicate with your workforce.

Luc Bormans

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