Industrial Solutions

Having a reliable communications system and strategy is key for every industrial company. We offer industrial businesses a single platform for all critical communications that can help protect life and property, meet regulatory requirements, and improve operational efficiencies. Save lives by broadcasting vital messages, warnings and alerts on PC screensavers and Digital Signage screens to both industrial workers and visitors.

Broadcast Emergency Alerts

Employees can be warned quickly and effectively when disaster strikes in a factory or on a production site

Inform Everyone

Keep everyone in the loop - display your messages in hallways, elevators, cafeterias and manufacturing line during every shift

Engage Factory Workers

Inspire employees by showing positive feedback, success stories, number of days without accidents, important visitors

Critical Communication

Constantly remind employees of the safety measures that need to be taken, reducing the risk of workplace accidents

Real-time Data

Increase productivity by displaying real-time KPIs, achievements, production statistics and goals to boost employee morale

Additional Achievements
  • Share messages that reinforce brand standards and introduce products or processes
  • Tailor each screen with information specific to its audience
  • Assign control rights so displays can be controlled and updated from the home office, a department or multiple locations
  • Produce and maintain content for existing communication channels including a departmental portal, quarterly electronic newsletter, and quarterly conference calls with business and plant leadership
  • Maintain and increase a feeling of brand pride and satisfaction is keeping the employees informed about company issues
  • Easily pre-program messages to change content by location, time or day part
  • Provide way finding, virtual maps and other navigational tools
  • Easy roll-out within your existing infrastructure and specially designed for 24/7 usage
  • Share nice to know information during coffee break such as weather and traffic information, social media posts, news headlines, employees of the month
  • Link Netpresenter to existing proprietary power outage monitoring software, alarm systems and storage management software

"With Netpresenter, employees see messages repeatedly, so our internal news is seen and remembered better"

Gil Broyles, Corporate Communications Manager at OGE Energy Corp.

"For us, the solution was using Netpresenter. With Netpresenter, messages that require the attention of employees are now displayed via screensavers. Using polite push instead of pull technology, employees don’t have to do anything, news is pushed directly to them"

Corinne van Iersel, Manager Communications & Public Affairs at Eastman Chemical

"Reaching everyone, everywhere - this was the most important reason for rolling out Netpresenter in 2003. For the first time, we are able to keep the 1,500 employees at our location up-to-date with the latest company news and events via large flat screens across our factory floors"

Helena Verhamme, Internal Communication Specialist at Picanol Group

"Netpresenter enables us to communicate effectively with our factory workers, through screens near soda vending machines, in canteens, etc. By publishing all news on all screens, both in the offices and in the factories, we demonstrate that we value all employees equally"

Lucie Lusa, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager at Baoshida Swissmetal Ltd.

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