Drive Engagement and Productivity

Keep your employees better engaged and more productive

Businesses with more engaged employees have a higher productivity rate and achieve better results. Effective employee communication ensures your staff goes that extra mile for your organization. Netpresenter helps you to reach your business goals and keeps your staff engaged by displaying achievements, results and goals on digital signage screens, desktop screensavers and even a mobile app.

For example, communicate rewards, CEO messages and important announcements via digital signs. Use the gentle repetition strength of the corporate screensaver to ensure your vital information such as KPIs and corporate goals will be remembered. Reach employees on the road or who don’t have access to a PC with your own corporate app.

Boost Productivity

Achieve better results - Inform & Inspire your employees to increase productivity, reach corporate goals and save money

Corporate Transparency

Keep all your staff in the loop and provide them with valuable information like internal news and important announcements

Increase Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement by posting rewards, nice-to-know information, birthdays, employee of the month etc.


Introduce game elements in the workplace and create a healty dose of employee rivalry by introducing simple incentives

Display KPIs

Publish KPIs, production & sales figures, charts, business goals etc. on PC, TV and mobile devices

Social Interaction

Create more openness within your company and give employees the opportunity to share ideas and opinions

Increasing Employee Engagement & Productivity requires the right mix of Communication Tools


Use the repetitive strength of our corporate screensaver to display vital information without distracting people while at work


Professional Corporate App brings your alerts and notifications to smartphones and tablets of employees, wherever they are


Specifically designed for corporations: use your existing content and infrastructure. Low cost, low bandwidth and easy to roll-out


Directly send vital information to your staff as desktop pop-up messages that will appear on top of any other application


Immediately grab everyone’s attention by sending text and push notifications to every mobile device


Actively bring SharePoint content to employees’ attention using any available screen. Display SharePoint headlines & alerts on PC, TV and App.

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Employee Engagement: How you can benefit from Digital Praise