Helping AMBER Alert save the lives of missing children

Helping AMBER Alert save the lives of missing children

Since 2008, the Dutch National Police has been using Netpresenter technology to issue an AMBER Alert, the world famous child abduction alert.

When a child has gone missing and the police believe the life of this child is in imminent danger, the whole country transforms into one large missing children’s poster.

Within seconds a picture of the missing child, a small description and instructions on what to do are transmitted via electronic billboards, high way screens, apps, text message, social media and e-mail; reaching no less than12 million citizens

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The Dutch police, Ministry and public trust our platform with the lives of their children

Frank Hoen, CEO Netpresenter/Co-founder AMBER Alert Netherlands

Save missing children with just one click

In 94 percent of the cases, AMBER Alert has helped successfully recover a missing child. “With just one click, you can help in the search for missing children, together with millions of other Dutch people and thousands of organizations”, states Ivo Opstelten, former Minister of Security and Justice.

In 2009, Netpresenter won the IBC Special Award for its innovative AMBER Alert system, which was developed free of charge as a charity project.

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Helping missing children across Europe

Netpresenter is also the key sponsor of AMBER Alert Europe, the European Child Rescue Alert & Police Network on Missing Children, an international not for profit organization with 32 members (law enforcement, ministries & NGOs) in 21 countries and a Police Network consisting of over 50 experts representing law enforcement from 20 countries.

Connecting citizens, saving children’s lives

Dedicated to the protection of missing children, AMBER Alert Europe connects citizens with law enforcement when the police believe the public can help save a child’s life. It provides for training and cross-border coordination to law enforcement. Additionally, AMBER Alert Europe has developed and implemented national alert systems in various EU countries such as Luxembourg, Slovakia and Malta.

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The goals of AMBER Alert Europe are backed by 465 Members of the European Parliament, making it the most successful Written Declaration since 2011