Digital Signage

Digital Signage: more than just big screens. Broadcast your news or alert messages to every screen and inform everyone in your organization, community or country. Get your message across effectively, using ANY (public) screen available: whether it’s a TV, interactive billboard or even a bank terminal screen. Netpresenter provides you with a proven, easy-to-use Digital Signage solution to publish on every screen.

Reach More People

Instantly reach your employees, customers and visitors with digital signs and (public) displays

Grab Attention

Create and display eye-catching content to grab and maintain your audience’s attention immediately

Dynamic content

Design, manage & broadcast your content in any shape or form - easily connect to existing data sources such as SharePoint


Easily manage 1 screen or 1000’s centrally, remotely, locally or globally with just a few clicks

Adapt & Interact

The ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and interact with your audience

Additional Features
  • Place displays where employees will see them – hallways, elevators, break rooms, cafeterias, lobbies or even the manufacturing line
  • Provide and display way finding, virtual maps, attractive digital menu boards, reservations, schedules, timetables etc.
  • Present stats and graphs from other systems, such as the sales and production figures of your company, customer satisfaction rates or a telephone queue
  • Grab and draw attention to important (existing) content and the intranet with newsfeeds and Excel data on any TV-screen
  • Display nice-to-know information such as news headlines, weather and traffic information the latest (local) news, video streams, or updates from Social Media
  • Break through clutter and email overload with visually engaging digital displays
  • Display existing SharePoint content such as headlines, upcoming events, visitors, KPIs on every screen within your organization
  • Fully customizable to your own corporate identity with beautiful custom made template
Technical Details
  • Thin Client and Windows OS support (view tech specs)
  • Silent remote updates with auto resume to guarantee uninterrupted playback
  • Supports system settings for energy saving
  • Designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure
  • Smooth playback with dozens of transitions/wipes
  • Presentation scaled to fit screen resolution automatically
  • Landscape and portrait orientated view supported
  • Video in all major formats, such as WMV, AVI & MPG, YouTube and Flash supported
  • Target content via LDAP, Active Directory or IP
  • Software works on existing network and easy to install (e.g. as MSI package)
  • Security: encryption (HTTPS) and anti-sabotage (hash key)
  • Long-distance management and configuration possible
  • Software uses existing file, FTP or web server
  • Low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache
  • Auto (re-)start functionality
  • Schedule playback based on time, day-of-week, month and year or time-intervals

  Compatible with Windows OS and thin client  Download Productsheet

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