One system to inform both students and staff


“Everyone is very enthusiastic about Netpresenter; students as well as employees are asking for new screens or to have Netpresenter installed on their PCs ever more often. If your target audience is asking for the system you are implementing, you really have reached your goal”
Roel Dik, functional application manager Netpresenter at TU Delft


Allowing TU Delft to quickly inform both students and staff.


One system to inform both students and employees using PC and TV screens. For instance, news items from the ‘intranet’ are automatically being broadcasted on all screens.


  • Content management is very easy, even when the content differs per screen;
  • The system is used as a signpost to articles on the ‘intranet’;
  • The system can also be used in case of an emergency;
  • Students and employees are very enthusiastic about the system.

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About TU Delft
The Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. There are 8 faculties that offer a total of 14 bachelor and 30 master educations. The university has over 16,000 students and approximately 5,000 employees.


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