Timetable changes no longer an issue thanks to Netpresenter

The Bernardinus High School in Heerlen offers secondary education ranging from preparatory vocational education and training (VMBO) to pre-university education. The institute hosts five grand buildings, connected by foot bridges since renovation works in 1998. On a daily basis, approximately 1,600 students enter or leave the premises, using different entrances and exits. Obviously, blackboards or billboards just won’t do in such a setting. That is why the Bernardinus High School has opted for Netpresenter.

Communicating timetable changes as quickly as possible

“There is a great need of information within our school, especially  information that can be provided on the spot. The presence of 1,600 students and a great number of different study programs also automatically results in a lot of different timetables. Recent innovations in upper secondary education have only caused an even greater increase in the number of timetables”, says Jan Vrijland, the deputy headmaster of Bernardinus High School. “Timetable changes used to be posted on a notice board in the main lobby located near the entrance. Back then, our priests used to go over there and write down the changes. However, nowadays, to prevent chaos, timetable changes need to be communicated as soon as possible, in order to ensure that students and teachers can do their work and to guarantee a good level of quality in our education system. With five buildings and several entrances, it is impossible to inform every single student efficiently using an old-fashioned system.

It literally is unfeasible to provide all the right information at all these different locations in time, and moreover, to keep that information up-to-date. We had to find a solution; with Netpresenter’s digital signage we found what we needed”, says Vrijland.

Digital signage screens that are efficient and always up-to-date

“With Netpresenter we have a digital signage solution that is always up-todate. Not only timetable changes are displayed, but also the weekly agenda and other information, for instance important events like information evenings, school excursions or other recurring activities. Student councilors are also a source of information. However, that information does not appear on the screens in the central hallways, but only on the computer screens at workstations with Netpresenter installed”, continues Vrijland.

One central point for all information

“One of the great advantages of Netpresenter is that it is extremely simple to use. All information is provided from one central point and subsequently displayed on one and the same channel. Netpresenter allows the use of different channels for different target groups, but that does not apply to us. When Netpresenter was introduced, we insisted on having one complete solution for all our uses, and just one supplier. Integration issues or incompatible software were not an option. Netpresenter not only provided us with that single solution for our internal communication problems, but also gave us a solution for our external communication, like the internet”, according to Vrijland.

Vrijland: “To guarantee sound internal communication in a large school a proper functioning and stable system is essential. You do not want students hanging around in hallways because they missed a timetable change. That is why we have strategically positioned five television screens in the school showing the latest news items At the time, we bought the largest television screens we could possibly find. It is impossible to not at least notice one screen when entering or moving through the school. Besides that Netpresenter is installed on a large number of computers. Now, students can never say that they missed out on something. The system really is appreciated and put to use effectively; the student council also uses it. Anyone who wants to contribute to the broadcasted news does so by sending their item to the person in charge of drawing up the timetables. She makes sure that all the texts end up in the right place. Extremely easy and functional!”

“To guarantee sound internal communication in a large school a proper functioning and stable system is essential”

About the Bernardinus High School

The Bernardinus High School is a large education institute
offering secondary education to 1,600 students at nearly all