VDI: How to give your healthcare staff more flexibility

Recently, there has been a growing number of organizations switching to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The greatest benefit of this so called “VDI” is flexibility. With the use of VDI, the user can just load their virtual desktop from ANY enabled terminal. This means that no matter where the user is, they can access their usual data and applications. Pretty neat, right? Especially in healthcare facilities, flexible work spaces are a huge benefit. Here are 3 reasons why VDI is so important in healthcare:

1. It makes workers more flexible

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of VDI in healthcare is flexibility. Oftentimes, medical staff like nurses or surgeons, are not behind their desk, but need to walk around the facility to check up on patients. With VDI everything is stored centrally in the data center, allowing people to move around the facility more freely without losing access to their personal desktop. Not having to return to one stationary desktop every single time to look up information or perform urgent tasks, is a huge plus. VDI also allows healthcare professionals to take their communication device from room to room with them, resulting in a more fluid, versatile approach to in-patient care and other important jobs.


2. It greatly cuts costs

Today, the majority of the population has some kind of mobile device in their pockets. It is only natural that people want to use these devices at work as well. Not only are they the devices they are most familiar with, workers also want to keep taking advantage of the mobility these devices give them. This is no different in healthcare. Thanks to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, healthcare workers can use their own mobile devices at work, cutting hardware costs tremendously. It also reduces administrative running costs. On top of that, everyone’s desktop can be controlled from one central location, making IT systems easier and less time-consuming to maintain.


3. It keeps sensitive information secure

Nowadays, security is always on the top of everybody’s list. Especially in healthcare, where patient information needs to stay confidential. Using sensitive files on such a wide range of devices can increase the chance of breaches. VDI offers an extra layer of protection by making sure information is never actually ON the device used to access it. Instead, the critical data stays inside the data center, where it’s easier to protect.


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