UT Medical Center : “Emergency alerts impossible to miss”

According to reports on WBIR, the University of Tennessee Medical Center uses Netpresenter software to alert and inform more than 7,000 people at its facilities. “With 54 large TV screens throughout the medical center and an interactive screensaver on every PC, emergency alerts are impossible to ignore”, says Jeromy Welch, UT Medical Center’s Internal Communications Coordinator. “In case of an emergency, screensavers and TV screens are automatically taken over, alerting all our team members and giving them instructions on dealing with patients.”

“Just click ‘Publish’ and it’s out there”

“You really don’t ever want to have emergency situations, but when you do have them, it is incredibly helpful and beneficial to be able to send emergency alerts to our team members in a very timely way in multiple locations and through multiple communication tools. Netpresenter allows us to do so, instantly and effectively, thanks to the easy interface. You just click ‘publish’ and it’s out there,” according to Welch.


“Impossible to miss”

Jim Ragonese, UT Medical Center’s Public Relations and Assistant Director, has also been involved in the implementation of Netpresenter. He adds, “Getting these warnings across is of vital importance, because a lot of our personnel doesn’t have the opportunity to read the news or turn on the television, especially clinical individuals, who often don’t even see windows. The screensaver and video monitor messages however are impossible to miss.”

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