Two simple tricks to make your SharePoint boom

SharePoint was designed to make our lives easier. However, its popularity is vastly slipping. Not because it doesn’t work, but because oftentimes it is set up for failure from the get-go. After the platform is nicely assembled by IT, it is just handed over to its users. No explanation, no instructions, just a simple “There it is folks!” A hopeless task for the majority of us, seeing the mass amount of information SharePoint contains. “Imagine looking for a single passage in a 500-page book”, says SharePoint Architect Scott Walsh. Most people don’t even have a clue why they should sign on. Netpresenter came up with two ingenious tricks for SharePoint that solve these pain points and boost your SharePoint visits instantaneously!

Market internally

Even if the tools SharePoint makes available would help workers perform important tasks, they may still never get around to using them, simply because they don’t know these tools even exist. So in order to boost your SharePoint visits, the first and foremost tricks for SharePoint are to give people a reason to sign on. Netpresenter’s SharePoint Connector helps you to do just that by automatically extracting headlines from SharePoint and displaying them on every digital signage screen, PC and even mobile device within your organization. These ‘teasers’ can be targeted to specific departments or even individuals, making sure they will only see the headlines that will spark their interest. For example: Encourage your HR-manager to use the vacation planner or your medical staff to read about the latest compliance rules and -regulations.


Come to the (Share)Point

Now that you’ve got people’s attention, how do you make sure they actually go and visit SharePoint? Easy, by lowering the ‘threshold’ for them. By adding clickable hyperlinks in the above mentioned headlines, your employees literally do not need to put any effort into exploring SharePoint, as it directs them straight away to the entire post – skipping that dreaded SharePoint search altogether.


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Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.