Three sure-shot ways to boost your internal communication

How do your employees usually hear about news or events at your company? I hope your answer isn’t “at the water cooler”! As we all know, a good internal communication system is vital to any organization. When operating effectively, it increases drive, trust, engagement and eventually profits. Bad communication however can be catastrophic. Is your internal communication in the dumps? Netpresenter provides you with three effective tools to up your game in no time.

A study by the Federation of Business Communicator Associations shows that as much as 79 percent of organizations think that internal communication is a key success factor. Despite this, many businesses have yet to figure out what internal communication actually means. They often (incorrectly) rely on sending e-mails or calling meetings to get their message across. In reality these methods are rarely effective. It is estimated that less than half of employees even bother to open e-mails regarding internal communications and 47 percent of them believe meetings to be the biggest waste of time at the office. Additionally, poor internal communication costs businesses $26,041 per employee per year in lost efficiency, while companies with an effective communication system enjoy 47 percent higher total returns.

But how you can you efficiently communicate with your staff if you need to cut down on meetings and e-mails? Netpresenter offers you three top-notch alternatives.

1. Strategically placed Digital Signage Screens

According to Microsoft, 49 percent of people are more likely to pay attention to communications when they’re delivered at the right time. Netpresenter does just that. Capture your employees’ attention by gently informing them when they do have a second: during their coffee breaks, on their way to a meeting or even the bathroom. Digital signage screens, placed in strategic places, will show all the latest and greatest on repeat, enabling your staff to pick up on news and be continuously reminded of it.

 digital signage screens

2. Cost-effective Screensavers

What if you could reach your employees without having to spend a dime? With Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver you effectively get your message across by transforming every PC in the building into a cost-effective digital signage screen. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of computers in your organization that are not being used the majority of the time. These PC’s are powered up, but work has taken your staff’s hands off the keyboard. Put these idle computers to work by displaying important messages, useful content and even alerts on their screensavers. This way you do not only reach staff members where they spend the majority of their time – behind their desks- your messages are also delivered without intruding, annoying or adding to the e-mail burden.


 3Your very own Corporate App

A lot of employers seem to only focus on their staff on premises, excluding people outside the company from all internal communication. But what about people on the road or workers in the field? It is as important to keep them in the loop, as it is to inform desk workers. Netpresenter’s News & Alert App makes sure your entire organization is on the same page by showing company information and headlines on the mobile devices of your employees, whether they are in- or outside your company. As a bonus, you can even alert them in case of emergency with the app’s nifty alert function.


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Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.