Social workplace: Increase your profits one ‘like’ at a time

Many organizations have started experimenting with social media to interact with their staff. With success. Tupperware, for example, invested 50.000 dollars to transform its Nordic branch into a social workplace. This didn’t only lead to a huge increase in profit, it also reduced its turnover rate with a staggering 15 percent! However, the investment in a social workplace can be far less substantial. Netpresenter provides you with two cost-effective tools to successfully turn your organization ‘social’.

Mobile Domination

You might not realize it, but the tools you need to turn your organization social, are right under your nose. Think about it, 90 percent of staff brings its own device to work. It would be insane not to use these free communication tools to reach and interact with them! By installing Netpresenter’s News & Alert App on every mobile device within your organization, you do not only give your employees the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts, you also establish a quick and easy way to communicate with your workforce yourself. “Liking and commenting are two inexpensive and time-saving responses, yet they provide substantial returns in terms of staff’s increased motivation to excel in their work”, acknowledges former managing director at Tupperware Nordic, Stein Ove Fenne. The App’s nifty sharing button, in its turn, allows colleagues to share interesting pieces of news with one another.


Idle Computers

Another great and cost-effective way to implement ‘social’ within your company is to introduce interactive screensavers. Instead of ploughing through bundles of cash to build an internal social media infrastructure, utilize the infrastructure and hardware you already have. Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver makes use of all idle computers in your organization by displaying internal and external news on their screens during down-time. These interactive screensaver messages are equipped with a like, comment and share function – giving you yet again the opportunity to personally respond to staff and provide your workers with a platform to make their voice heard – at a fraction of the cost of an entirely new social media infrastructure.


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About the author

Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.