Sky Lakes Medical Center uses Netpresenter to Communicate with Staff During System Downtime

Sky Lakes Medical Center is a not-for-profit, community-owned, internationally accredited acute-care teaching hospital. Sky Lakes uses Netpresenter software to inform, train and alert its employees, deploying the medical center’s PCs and several TV screens as the primary interface for their frontline staff – a unique approach to communicate with staff during system downtime.

Sky Lakes is the only hospital in a 10,000-square-mile area and serves more than 80,000 people. With such significant importance for counties in south-central Oregon and northern California, being able to inform staff with messaging that they need in real-time is vital. ‘Netpresenter enables us to send out alerts, and they play a big part in our environment across the enterprise’, Denise Hard, Senior Integration Developer at Sky Lakes, explains. ‘Whenever there’s downtime of any of our systems, I go in and quickly put out an alert, because if I send out an alert, I am sure everybody gets it. And then I use the alerts to validate the system is back up when it has been restored,’ Hard describes.

Communicate with staff during downtime

‘It is all very easy. I love that it also shows me the statistics, so I can see how many computers got it and how many people have read it. The alerts have been one of the main reasons we chose Netpresenter. They allow us to have direct critical communication with our colleagues’, Hard elaborates. John Gaede, Director of Information Services at Sky Lakes Medical Center, is equally enthusiastic about the solution. ‘Netpresenter provides reliable downtime communication to our clinicians’, Gaede explains. ‘Our clinical staff does not always have access to overhead announcements or email – but they all use PCs. Netpresenter is our primary channel of communication for these clinicians.’

Alert and inform

Sky Lakes doesn’t just use Netpresenter to alert their staff of system downtimes, but they communicate success stories through their screens as well. Gaede: ‘And then, there’s a huge benefit to using it for our cybersecurity. It enables us to educate our staff repeatedly on various security concerns. So, it helps us in all kinds of areas. One of our mission statements is ‘We save lives, and we innovate’. And for us, Netpresenter fits that statement.’

Want to know more about Sky Lakes’ unique approach to keep everyone informed on the latest downtime and other important issues, such as cybersecurity? Read their complete story.

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