RESTful API: How communicating with everyone becomes a breeze

It’s been well over a decade since Roy Fielding wrote his seminal dissertation on Representation State Transfer (REST). Now everybody and their mother uses RESTful APIs as the architectural style to construct their platform, including major players like Google, Facebook and Twitter. With Netpresenter you can extract data from any and every existing API built platform, without lifting a finger.

Yes, we are not the only one that can connect with REST APIs and most likely not the last. But what makes us truly unique is that we adopted a broader approach. We didn’t waste time on creating a one-trick pony, an API connection that’s specifically designed to fetch data from one single platform, instead we built a universal one, connecting you with everyone, everywhere. So what does this all mean? This means you can literally display just about anything on every TV, PC or mobile device within your company. Online calendars, social media messages, KPIs, weather- and traffic reports and even your very own SharePoint information. You name it, it can be done.


Give your API a REST

Does this all sound a bit difficult? Don’t worry, Netpresenter takes the work out of your hands. Want to communicate something interesting with your staff? Our software makes data go from JSON/XML via XSLT to being displayed on any output supported by Netpresenter, without any work from your part. By retrieving, filtering, sorting, processing the data of your choosing, we can create a graphical representation. This way you can provide your employees with useful information, without having to put time and effort into manually creating messages. It really doesn’t get much easier than this!


Looking for an all-round solution to connect with every player in the field? Look no further and contact one of our experts.

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Richard Renkens

IT-specialist Richard Renkens has been with Netpresenter for well over a decade. Besides solving IT-related mysteries, Richard likes to blow off steam on his mountain bike.