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4 industries that are perfect for digital signage

Anyone who reads our blog, should already be pretty hooked on digital signage. With such a huge wealth of benefits that on screen communication has on your organization, who wouldn’t be? Although digital signage doesn’t limit itself to a specific industry, four industries match perfectly with digital signage.

1. Corporate

Communication overload. The race to Inbox Zero. Digital clutter. Whatever you want to call it, it’s difficult to cut through all the digital noise employees face. For many companies, digital signage is able to achieve just that. By placing digital signage screens in high trafficked areas within your office, internal news will be noticed better and leave a lasting impression. Digital signage reaches people where traditional communication channels like email don’t. For example, waiting for elevators, munching sloppy Joes in the cafeteria or just staring at the wall in reception areas.
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2. Industrial

Getting everyone informed in an office setting is already a tough job. Now, think about what an impossible task it is to keep everybody on the same page in industrial plants with hundreds or even thousands of employees. Especially the ones who don’t have access to a computer. Shooting a quick email is obviously not an option. Digital signage screens in factory halls don’t only convey important information to large groups of workers at the same time. They can also improve motivation, increase safety and boost productivity by displaying the latest KPIs and safety regulations.
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digital signage industries

3. Healthcare

Medical facilities are among the most dynamic of workplaces. This makes it challenging to keep staff updated on internal news. Sometimes there’s just no time for medical personnel to read emails or even engage in a conversation with co-workers. Digital signage is an ideal way to inform staff members about new compliance regulations, construction, maintenance and room schedules. Just a quick glance at a digital signage screen keeps everyone in the loop. On top of that, digital signage wayfinding helps visitors and patients to easily find their way around the hospital.
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4. Education

Digital signage helps schools to keep in touch with an audience that is becoming increasingly hard to reach using traditional methods: students. Digital signage outshines the cluttered, ancient school noticeboard, which is dull, uninspiring and often displaying outdated information and is the perfect tool to keep students and personnel posted on practical information, such as time tables, opening hours, campus news and even the cafeteria menu.
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