How to solve all your Communication Challenges INSTANTLY

“We have a communication problem.” How many times have you heard that as an explanation for project failures, disgruntled employees or lack of teamwork in your organization? To see how we could possibly help, we asked 25 organization leaders about the 5 biggest communication challenges they face on a daily basis. Guess what? When it comes to solving these pain points, Netpresenter checks ALL the boxes.

1. Not All Employees are Kept Informed

Lots of employees are being left out continuously. Just think about factory workers, representatives and drivers. These are people that never even see a computer during their workday, let alone corporate news.  Netpresenter’s News & Alert App, however, makes it possible for everyone to stay in the loop, no matter where they are. By displaying corporate news and information on your employees’ mobile devices, you keep them informed about what’s going on inside your organization, without them actually having to be there.


2. Employees are Not Receiving Timely Messages

Information is not getting to employees when and where they need it. Without vital information at the right time and in the right place, the decision-making process slows and projects are not completed on time or in the best way. Netpresenter’s Desktop Alerts brings important and time-critical news right to your employees’ computer screen instantly. The same pop-up functionality is built-in in the App as well, making sure employees outside corporate walls get informed simultaneously.

3. Expectations are Not Clear

Sometimes business leaders are at fault themselves. They have certain expectations for their work staff, but fail to communicate those properly. Because of this, employees do not have clear goals and benchmarks to guide their progress. Netpresenter keeps everyone on the same page by displaying KPIs on every TV, PC and mobile screen within your organization.


4. The Right Information is Not Being Sent to the Right People

Your Sales department doesn’t want to know about technical innovations, nor is your IT department interested in new sales tactics. Netpresenter allows you to target messages directly (and solely) to your target audience. Whether it’s an entire office, a specific department or even one single recipient; reach everyone with information they can actually use.

5. Employees are Not Open with Each Other

Employees do not share information with each other. This compromises the productivity of teams, departments and eventually your whole organization. By installing the News & Alert App on every mobile device within your organization, you do not only give your employees the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts, you also establish a quick and easy way to communicate with your workforce yourself.


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About the author

Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.