How to easily share your Power BI dashboards and reports with your employees

Sharing your metrics with your staff is key to becoming a data-driven organization. Netpresenter can connect with Microsoft Power BI to effortlessly display a selection of crucial data on TV and PC screens in your workplace; giving your employees valuable insights.

The data visualization tools in Power BI transform raw data into actionable information, but you still need to find a way to disseminate that information to the staff members who need it. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by sharing your Power BI dashboards and reports on multiple screens in your organization.

A good case scenario is having a screensaver at every workstation at your help desk department to show how each person on the team is performing and how they compare to their peers. Another clever idea is hanging a screen in a busy hallway that displays organization-wide metrics that keep your employees informed on how the organization is doing.

In each of these examples, Netpresenter keeps your displayed Power BI reports up-to-date with an automatic data refresh. It can also target and tailor your reports to specific individuals, groups, teams or departments, making sure your data only reaches team members for whom this information is useful.

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