How to boost employee feedback

Your company is bursting with potential. New hires and long term employees possess a multitude of information and ideas to better the ins and outs of the corporation. But how do you tap into this indispensable source of information and ideas and receive employee feedback?

Whether you are looking for fresh, new insights or you just want to know what employees think about their workplace, employee feedback is the most effective way to achieve this. Comments can be gathered by posting company related articles using social media, SharePoint, Google Docs and even our very own Netpresenter software. This way you give your employees the opportunity to give their feedback.

The tips below could help boost the number of comments you receive.

Get your Communication Experts to participate

In every company there is a group of people that you go to for advice. Ask them to start commenting regularly on your publications. The knowledge that colleagues are providing feedback, will make the other employees more confident about sharing their own thoughts and ideas.

Encourage your CEO to comment

Not only employees should comment, it is also vital that your CEO and the senior managers contribute feedback. With the senior management leading the way, the other employees are more likely to follow. It is also important for the CEO to react to previously posted comments by employees. This way the employees will feel that they are heard and their feedback matters.

Be careful with comment moderation

The moderation of comments is a knife that cuts both ways. On the one hand you can manage the information that is being shared and delete negative comments, on the other hand it will create a sort of censorship, which your employees will not appreciate. It might be better to set a few guidelines to avoid offensive posts, than to moderate employee feedback.

Use the commenting section as Q and A platform

Employees will be more inclined to use the commenting section if they see that their questions or concerns are being addressed. Answering to their post quickly is key to keep your employees engaged.

Stimulate colleagues to join the conversation

Do not forget to ask your employees to share their thoughts when you post an article. You can dedicate the last paragraph to do so.

About the author

Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.