HIPAA: How to Keep Patient Information Secure

HIPAA compliance can be a real challenge. When healthcare workers do not follow the rules, healthcare facilities can be slapped with some serious fines. Especially privacy issues are tough to tackle. According to 2002’s “Privacy Rule”, hospitals are responsible for keeping patient information secure. This might be self-evident, but is not as easy as it sounds. In facilities where hundreds of people handle medical records on a daily basis, how can you make sure everybody sticks to the plan?

One major privacy breach can occur when healthcare workers carelessly leave patient information laying around. That is why it’s imperative that staff members are fully aware of the privacy concerns their actions cause when dealing with sensitive or confidential information.


Does compliance training cut it?

Many healthcare facilities typically approach compliance with orientation training when an employee is hired. Maybe even some occasional training thereafter. In many cases, this approach falls short of effectively driving change throughout the organization. Why? Because people just don’t remember what they were taught months or even years ago.


The cure

With Netpresenter you keep your staff members on their toes, by repetitively communicating compliance rules and regulations through screensavers on every desktop, apps on mobile devices and digital signage screens positioned in strategic places.  ‘Do the right thing-messages’ about securing paperwork containing PHI or discretely communicating patient information, can be scheduled to keep coming back periodically, creating a message that cannot be ignored, nor forgotten.


Of course you too want to make sure your staff stays HIPAA compliant. Contact us now and see how we can help you to achieve this.

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