Does Microsoft Clutter make the ‘cut’?

Anyone with an overflowing inbox knows that separating the most important messages from the noise isn’t an easy task. That’s why Microsoft is rolling out Clutter, an inbox tool for Office 365 business customers that helps them prioritize e-mail within Outlook. Sounds too good to be true? I put Clutter to the test.

E-mail spam has become part of our daily life. Every day unwanted e-mail messages flood our inboxes and waste our precious time. But did you know a significant chunk of that e-mail spam is coming from inside our company, from our co-workers and even our bosses? These chain letters, jokes and even ‘reply to all’ e-mails are costing companies a fortune. According to the National Technology Readiness Survey, the cost of internal spam as a result of productivity loss is $21.6 billion every year in the US alone. This was based on the finding that the average internet user spends about 3 minutes deleting internal e-mail spam every day.

The Experiment

Clutter is said to fight internal spam by analyzing your e-mails and past behavior. By doing so it can determine the messages that you’re most likely to ignore. It then moves these messages to a folder called Clutter, so that you can review them later. But does it work? After turning Clutter on in Outlook, the waiting game begins. Ten minutes later, success! One e-mail pops up in my Clutter folder. Unfortunately it’s not spam, but an important message from my colleague at Sales. After a while the folder is filled with e-mails. Sure it filtered a lot of spam, but I also detect a few e-mails that definitely don’t fall under that category. Maybe Clutter needs some more time to calibrate? Even so, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.


The Solution

In my opinion Microsoft Clutter can potentially assist in weeding out internal e-mail spam. But is it fool-proof? I don’t know. Maybe it would be better to instead skip e-mail altogether to relay important messages? Netpresenter, for example, reduces internal spam by displaying important company news on every screen within your organization. Messages on digital signage screens, a corporate screensaver or an app, make sure everyone stays updated on the latest and greatest without making them waste time digging through the ‘clutter’.


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