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Desktop Digital Signage: The hidden power of the Corporate Screensaver

Digital signage can be a costly business. But what if you could reach your staff without having to spend a dime? With Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver you effectively get your message across by transforming every PC in the building into a cost-effective digital signage screen. Curious how? Read on.

As I mentioned, our low-cost solution hides in perhaps the most undervalued part of PC software: the screensaver. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of computers in your organization that are not being used the majority of the time. These PC’s are powered up, but work has taken your staff’s hands off the keyboard. Netpresenter puts these idle computers to work by displaying important messages, useful content and even alerts on their screensavers. This way you do not only reach staff members where they spend the majority of their time – behind their desks- your messages are also delivered without intruding, annoying or adding to the email burden.

Yes, it works

Still a bit skeptical? The results speak for themselves. According to a study, published in the American Journal of Infection Control, screensavers that remind staff members to wash their hands on a regular basis, make hand-hygiene scores increase by a whopping 48 percent! Another great example of the power of desktop digital signage is Virginia-based VCU Health system, which has sharpened its safety measures by posting screensaver messages on 7000 desktop computers. “By feeding our employees positive stories about safety initiatives and error prevention, through Netpresenter driven screensavers, we are creating a work environment that is more safety aware”, says Jennifer Murphy of VCU’s Performance Improvement Department.

How it works

So how do you transform your corporate screensaver into an indispensable extension of your organization’s communication system? Simple, we do the work for you. Company news, announcements, information from external sources and SharePoint headlines are automatically extracted from existing content and displayed on your customized screensaver – saving you time, money and effort. Still want to add a screensaver message manually? Easy publishing makes sure your messages are up and running in seconds or scheduled for a later time. Additionally, gentle repetition of your screensaver messages guarantees that employees notice and remember them, while embedded hyperlinks to further information tempt staff to find out more on your network, intranet or the web.

Besides all of these perks, however, it’s the alert function that truly sets our Corporate Screensaver apart. When disaster strikes, alert messages pop up, overlapping your employees’ PC screens and creating a potentially life-saving message that just cannot be ignored.

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Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.