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Corporate App: No more post-holiday stress

It probably sounds all too familiar; you completely de-stress during your three week vacation, but once you set foot in the office your stress level soars again. An overflowing inbox, new projects you know nothing about and planned ones that are happening sooner than you had hoped, are a few things that can kill that vacation high instantly. But how do you avoid unwanted surprises once you get back to work, without having to constantly check your inbox while on vacation?

Well, definitely not by emailing, according to the Harvard Business Review. “By emailing employees who are on vacation, you’re communicating an expectation that they should work during their time off — even if you believe they “should know” that you don’t expect a reply until they are back in the office”, says Maura Thomas, author of Personal Productivity Secrets and HBR contributor. So email is a no-go. But then, what is?

Solution: Corporate App

If you are looking for a way to stay up-to-date without any other action being required, a corporate app is the perfect fit. Not only does it give you the option to stay in the loop about what’s going on at the office, it doesn’t put pressure on you to respond or take action. Just a quick browse through your corporate app while laying poolside, is all it takes to give you a head start when you get back to work.

Corporate App

Something I experienced first-hand. Just a few weeks ago, I was vacationing in Spain. Before I left for vacation, my team and I were working on a project. Due to my absence, I was worried we wouldn’t make the deadline. While lying on the beach, I could keep up with the latest project developments just by checking our corporate app. It honestly gave me piece of mind knowing what to expect when I got back in the office.

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