Corporate App: This is what awesome looks like

Mobile Apps have become part of corporate life. However it’s challenging to build and continuously update an App, especially for non-technology companies that have never done it before. Netpresenter takes the work out of your hands and provides you with a fully customized corporate App to not only effectively inform your staff, but also alert them in case of an emergency. Discover the perks of having your own professionally designed corporate App below.


Give your organization the communication power of a professional news App. By installing Netpresenter’s News & Alert App on corporate or personal devices, you effectively bring your internal news, intranet headlines and information about current events to your employees, without disturbing them. Military-Strength Encryption keeps your information confidential, while extensive user management gives you the opportunity to easily manage user accounts via active directory or e-mail authentication. Avoid double work by redistributing pre-existing content, automatically extracted from internal and external sources.


Not only does our News & Alert App make sure your employees see and remember vital information, it also improves your emergency protocol. The App’s unique alert feature allows you to instantly reach everyone using pop-up notifications, when disaster strikes. These targeted alerts provide your staff with brief information about what’s happening and simple instructions about what to do.


Being out doesn’t mean being out of touch. Especially when your staff members’ devices are powered with the News & Alert App to keep them in the loop. Whether they are behind their desks, on the road or out in the field, they can stay informed about what’s going on at the office by receiving company news, intranet headlines and other relevant information on their mobile devices.


Social interaction at the workplace is crucial to boost company morale and make staff members work better together. The News & Alert App’s built in ‘social’ features allow employees to interact with colleagues by sharing, liking and commenting on messages. The feedback remains internal and can be switched on or off per individual message.


Design is one of the most important factors to consider when creating an engaging and useful corporate mobile application. Not only does good design provide users with a great experience, it also gives your App legitimacy. At Netpresenter we want to build a corporate App that’s not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. By using your own custom icon, corporate logo, fonts and colors we create an app that is unmistakably yours.

Certain news items might be interesting for one branch or office, but not for the other. With Netpresenter you can target your messages to specific roles, departments or locations. Don’t want messages to appear right away? Easy scheduling enables you to plan messages ahead, based on time, day-of-week, month and year.

Contact one of our experts or download our demo version (iOS or Android) to experience the power of your own Corporate App.

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