How to better communicate this year’s Holiday Schedule

It’s almost that time of the year: summer holiday. A few weeks of peace and quiet. Well, for the most of us at least. For employees who are not taking time off, it could potentially be the start of some stressful times ahead. Less people at the office = a higher work load. Even employers dread the summer months. The idea that their office might be less operational for a while, is a major concern to many business leaders. However, this can easily be avoided. The solution is simple: proper communication. 

Ever had to deal with having to do tasks that would usually take a tenfold of people to complete? The phone ringing off the hook? People who work during the summer months, probably know what I’m talking about. But guess what? You’re not alone. At our office, we encountered the same issues. People taking time off without consulting with each other first, causing major overlap in the holiday schedule and an almost empty work floor. Most of the time this was unintentional. People just didn’t know about each other’s schedules – no matter how much we tried to bring the schedule to their attention.


Right when we at HR were about to lose our minds, we tried a different approach. We started bombarding our staff with the holiday schedule. As soon as the end of May hit, so did the holiday schedule. By displaying the schedule on every screen throughout the office, TV screens, computer screens, mobile devices, you name it, we hoped to avoid having to deal with these issues then and there. With success. No longer did we receive excuses like I didn’t know or which email?. Instead we noticed people started planning their time off better, resulting in a minimum of schedule overlapping. More so, the new approach was also helpful in letting customers know when an absent colleague would be back, without having to go dig through our intranet or give us a call.


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