BYOD: 6 Reasons why your Company should have its own Corporate App

A survey amongst 2,000 UK office workers shows that more than 90 per cent of people use their personal devices at work. Letting your staff utilize their own smartphones and tablets can make them happier, more productive and even cut business costs, but there are potential pitfalls too. Especially the lack of control frightens companies. Because what happens when an employee loses its device? With Netpresenter’s News & Alert App you get all the advantages of BYOD, without running the risk that company information falls into the wrong hands.

Here are 6 reasons why you should install Netpresenter’s News & Alert App right now:

1. It keeps your information secure

Security is a major concern for organizations, given that employees are continuously wandering around with access to the corporate network. The News & Alert App protects your information with military-strength AES-256 encryption, so if a device gets lost, your data is not up for grabs. Need to provide access to a new staff member or block a former one? Extensive user management gives you the opportunity to easily manage user accounts via active directory or e-mail authentication.

2. It keeps employees on the road in the loop

Being out doesn’t mean being out of touch. Especially when your device is loaded up with the News & Alert App to keep you in the loop. Whether you are behind your desk or on the road, stay informed about what’s going on at the office by receiving company news, Sharepoint headlines and other relevant information on your mobile device.

3. It notifies staff in case of an emergency

Not only does our News & Alert App effectively get your message across, it also improves your emergency protocol. Instantly alert everyone using pop-up notifications, when disasters or other unexpected events occur. These targeted alerts provide your staff with brief information about what’s happening and simple instructions about what to do.

4. It is fully customizable

No bland, generic app for you! The News & Alert App is fully customizable to your corporate identity. Use your own custom icon, corporate logo, fonts and colors to create an App that is unmistakably yours.

5. It helps avoid double work

Save time, money and effort by redistributing existing content. Information posted on the News & Alert App is automatically extracted from pre-existing internal and external sources. On top of that, updating your App’s content is also fully automatized.

6.  It boosts social interaction

According to a study from the British Centre for Economic Performance, socializing with colleagues is the only thing proven to make you as happy then when you’re not at work. Additionally, social interaction at the workplace is crucial to boost company morale and make staff members work better together. Allow and stimulate your employees to interact with their colleagues by sharing, liking and commenting on news.  Just want to allow social interaction for certain posts? No problem. The feedback feature can be switched on or off per individual message.

The News & Alert App is part of Netpresenter’s Attention Management Platform – an integrated solution containing enterprise-strength communication tools such as the News & Alert App, Corporate Screensaver, SharePoint Connector, Text & Push Notifications, Digital Signage and Desktop Alerts.

Contact one of our experts and give your organization the power of its own corporate App.

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Luc Bormans

Luc Bormans, Netpresenter's head of Marketing, is an expert in the field of Marketing Communications. In his spare time Luc likes to cruise around in his Mini Cooper.