Author: Richard Renkens

How to easily share your Microsoft Power BI dashboards with your employees

Posted on: 07 January in Corporate Communication, Corporate Screensaver, Digital Signage, Performance Improvement, Tech Trends

Sharing your metrics with your staff is key to becoming a data-driven organization. Netpresenter can connect your Microsoft Power BI dashboard to display a selection of crucial data on TV and PC screens. This gives your employees valuable insights, right on their own workspace. The data...

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alert staff with Netpresenter's App

How to alert staff in 6 easy steps

Posted on: 12 June in Alerting

When unexpected events like a fire, severe weather or flood occur, organizations scramble to alert staff. Most alerts need to be activated from one particular spot. But what if you’re not behind your desk or even nearby when disaster strikes? The answer is probably in...

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Desktop Alerting

Desktop Alerting just got better!

Posted on: 24 December in Alerting

We already know desktop alerts are a great tool to relay important messages quickly and effectively - but there's always room for improvement. In Netpresenter's 12.4 version, we’ve truly added all the bells and whistles to our desktop alerting solution. Here’s an overview of all new functionalities: Standard scenarios Certain...

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RESTful API: How communicating with everyone becomes a breeze

Posted on: 15 July in IT

It’s been well over a decade since Roy Fielding wrote his seminal dissertation on Representation State Transfer (REST). Now everybody and their mother uses RESTful APIs as the architectural style to construct their platform, including major players like Google, Facebook and Twitter. With Netpresenter you can extract...

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