Author: Julie Bellinkx

Employee communication

Employee communication that actually works

Posted on: 24 January in Corporate Communication

Good employee communication is an organization's fuel of existence. Often, the benefits stretch beyond pure profit. According to the Holmes Report, companies with effective employee communication do not only make more money, but also have a more engaged staff and less employee turnover. To streamline...

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Email stress

How to say goodbye to email stress

Posted on: 12 January in Corporate App

Email makes many of us feel stressed. It has even become such a significant source of stress, that in France, they enforced a new law banning employers from sending emails to staff outside of working hours. With Netpresenter you don’t need to go to extremes...

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“Be aware of insider cybersecurity threats”

Posted on: 07 October in Cybersecurity

Former CIA tech boss warns organizations about insider cybersecurity threats (Source: IT News) Organizations need to be more aware of insider security threats, according to CIA's former chief technology officer Bob Flores. He made the comments during a keynote speech at the Connect Expo in Melbourne. The matter occurred...

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How cyber safe is your company?

Posted on: 16 August in Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is on the rise. Ever since a teenager hacked the director of the CIA’s email, it’s clear no one is immune to cyber threats. All it takes is a simple innocent click on the wrong link to bring your company down. But how do...

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