all-in-one security solution

How to tackle both physical safety and cybersecurity with an all-in-one security solution

With cyberattacks becoming more advanced and physical safety being an issue more than ever, companies need to prepare themselves for all threats. Whether it’s an active shooter or a destructive ransomware virus. Now, Netpresenter’s all-in-one security solution lets you tackle both physical safety ánd cybersecurity at your organization.

Keeping your employees and organization safe can be expensive. Netpresenter has one simple goal: to provide you with a cost-effective all-in-one security solution to protect you and your staff, regardless of the type of “storm” that comes.

Preparation is everything

Emergencies or cyberattacks can strike at any time. You and your employees could be forced to evacuate or unexpectedly deal with a vicious cyberattack taking over your systems. The best way to respond to any type of incident, is to prepare yourself and your workforce before it even happens. Educate your staff on the different types of emergencies or cyberattacks that may occur and train them. What if a fire broke out at your office? Or someone encounters an odd-looking email?

At our office, we instill emergency- and cybersecurity procedures by repetitively displaying them on every screen within the building. By continuously exposing staff members to these messages they know exactly which actions to take when push comes to shove. We show them through our corporate appdigital signage screens and even our corporate screensaver.

all-in-one security solution

When the event occurs

The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. A prompt warning to employees to evacuate, shelter or lockdown can potentially save lives. A quick response after a cyber breach is crucial as well, as you can still prevent your data and machines from getting infected any further.

With Netpresenter’s all-in-one security solution, your workforce will receive clear information about what’s happening and real-time instructions about what to do. Just one simple push of a button and striking alert messages will appear on every screen and device. Desktop alerts at work stations, red flashing alerts on digital signage screens and pop up messages on every mobile device draw your staff’s attention immediately and allow them to act accordingly.

all-in-one security solution

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