All I want for Christmas is….a Corporate App

Ah, the holidays. Time for rest and relaxation with family and friends. Or is that just the Hallmark version? About 57 percent of employees say they plan to work at some point over their so-called holiday break, mostly checking or answering e-mails. This probably puts a smile on your face, cause like most employers you might not be so keen to approve time off. This for the simple reason that most employers worry their workers might fall majorly behind once they return back to work. Give yourself and your workers a ‘break’ this holiday season with your very own Corporate App

Even though time off is proven to be beneficial to our career, people feel the pressure to always stay in touch with the office to prevent from falling behind. Yes, even during their jolly old Christmas holiday. So, how do you give yourself and your workers some peace of mind? Definitely not by bombarding them with e-mails, according to the Harvard Business Review. “By e-mailing an employee who’s on vacation, you’re communicating an expectation that she should work during her time off — even if you believe she “should know” that you don’t expect a reply until she’s back in the office”, writes author of Personal Productivity Secrets and HBR contributor Maura Thomas. So in order for companies to reap the benefits of their investment in time off for their employees, the solution has to be more comprehensive than just hitting them with a continuous stream of e-mails.



But what might that solution be? A Corporate App makes your Christmas even merrier. It keeps staff connected anywhere and everywhere, without bothering them or ‘unconsciously’ demanding a reply. Employees can just have a quick glance at their mobile device whenever they do have a moment to spare and stay informed about what’s going on at the office without actually having to ‘work’. App messages can be pre-scheduled or automatically extracted from internal and external sources, so you too can enjoy your well-deserved time off.


Want to keep your staff informed during the holidays? Contact one of Santa’s helpers to see if there will be a Corporate App under your corporate Christmas tree this year.

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