7 jaar AMBER Alert

7 years AMBER Alert Netherlands, 7 years of successful mass communication

Since 2008, the Dutch National Police has been using Netpresenter technology to issue an AMBER Alert, the world famous child abduction alert. When a child has gone missing and the police believe the life of this child is in imminent danger, the whole country transforms into one large missing children’s poster.

Recent studies show that 76 percent of abducted children, who are found dead, is killed within the first 3 hours. This underlines just how important it is to have access to millions of extra eyes and ears in those crucial first hours.

With the use of Netpresenter technology the police can alert the whole nation within minutes, motivating citizens to be on the lookout for the child. This mass communication can be done at any time and from any location – all with one push of a button!


Media bomb

The entire AMBER Alert system, which is designed, developed and maintained by Netpresenter, is used 1-2 times annually by the Dutch National Police, when it fears the life or health of a child is in imminent danger.

Within seconds a picture of the missing child, a small description and instructions on what to do are transmitted via mass communication tools like electronic billboards, high way screens, apps, text message, social media and e-mail; reaching no less than 12 million citizens.


Regional Targeting

Exactly seven years after the launch of AMBER Alert Netherlands, the police can now also target parts of the AMBER Alert system locally in the search for missing children, whose life or health is not in danger, referred to as endangered missing children. This happens about 100 times a year.

Citizens who are in the vicinity of an endangered missing child, are informed about the case immediately. This significantly increases the chances that these children are recovered quickly and safely.

Read more about how Netpresenter helps AMBER Alert Netherlands save the lives of missing children here.

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